Strategic Tax Reduction

High-impact tax planning strategies, aligned with your goals and optimized for tax reduction performance.

Our advanced tax accountants have a proven record of developing tax planning strategies that allow you to keep more of your profits, reduce IRS audit risk, and support sustainable business growth.

What We Do

High-impact tax planning strategies aligned with your goals.

Strategic tax reduction is about aligning your company’s operations with your personal goals, in areas that include:

Tax Loopholes

Entity Structure Selection

Owner Compensation

Exit Planning for the Business

How We Help Our Clients

With our deep understanding of the tax code, we can take one look at your last tax return and tell you how much tax you are overpaying and how to get it back.

We provide a FREE tax assessment to determine whether you’re paying too much and how to structure your taxes to preserve wealth and build value. Our conversation includes discussing your goals and where you see yourself and your business in the future.

We create a comprehensive Strategic Tax Plan for your business, mapping out strategies you can implement to reduce taxes significantly.

Implementing your tax plan begins the optimization process: you’ll notice immediate positive changes in the way taxes impact your business.

Subsequent monitoring of your tax plan reveals operational changes that create a feedback loop of even more tax savings. We track your situation and tax law changes, to ensure your tax plan is optimized and aligned with your goals.

How We Work for You

Wayfinder saved over six hundred thousand dollars in taxes for small business owners last year.

Planning is critical to successfully and legally reducing your company’s taxes. We innovate solutions beyond tax compliance and facilitate the implementation of proactive tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

Our business tax advisors can help lower your corporate tax rate & reduce taxes through a strategic tax plan, entity structure selection and loopholes

Make tax planning an asset to your business.

Are you throwing away profits? Contact us today to learn more about how we can develop a customized tax strategy that fits your company and goals.

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