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Does Your Rental Property Qualify for the 20% Pass-Through Deduction?

Chris Naquin

January 31, 2019

IRS guidance on new 20% deduction for rental property is here!

One of the big questions we had with the new 2018 tax law was: How does income from a rental property qualify for the 20% pass-through deduction?  The law was written to say that rental income qualifies if the rental activity is a "trade or business activity" (which is not defined in tax law), rather than an...


2018 Year End Planning

December 4, 2018

Click below to read our letter on tax planning strategies for the year end, and updates on the new tax law!

2018 Year End Planning


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

January 9, 2018

What changes are in the tax bill?

You have probably seen dozens of reports about the new tax bill that was just passed. Most of the reports are either incomplete or unclear by themselves. We have researched the bill and done our best to put it all together into one, clear summary. To keep the summary simple, we have hand picked the issues that are most relevant,...